Delinquency, Development, and Social Policy

Delinquency, Development, and Social Policy

David E. Brandt, Ph.D

Print publication date: 2013

ISBN: 9780300108941

Publisher: Yale University Press


This book examines the legal, psychological, and cultural issues relevant to understanding antisocial behavior in adolescence. Based on personal research and a broad analysis of recent work in the field, the book identifies the factors that are common in cases of delinquency. The discussion considers the long-term effects of social issues such as poverty as well as psychological issues such as the high levels of stress and anxiety suffered during childhood by many delinquents. The book shows how a failure to meet the developmental needs of children—at both the family level and at a broader social and political level—is at the core of the problem of juvenile delinquency. It concludes with an inquiry into how best to prevent delinquency, arguing that programs that address the developmental needs of children are more effective than policing, juvenile courts, or incarceration.