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New books now on YSO

September 22, 2015

19 new titles have been published on Yale Scholarship Online (YSO), adding to 7 subjects including History, Law, and Religion. These books cover a diverse range of subjects, from the rise of Thomas Cromwell to the decline of private schooling, and from transformation in northern Pakistan to the life of Marchado de Assis - and much more!

Machado de Assis: A Literary Life

European Intellectual History from Rousseau to Nietzsche

Languages of the Night: Minor Languages and the Literary Imagination in Twentieth-Century Ireland and Europe

Remoteness and Modernity: Transformation and Continuity in Northern Pakistan

The Old Boys: The Decline and Rise of the Public School

The Rise of Thomas Cromwell: Power and Politics in the Reign of Henry VIII, 1485-1534






This brings the total amount of scholarly works available on YSO to over 470. Start browsing YSO now, and find out how your institution can sign up to a free trial of University Press Scholarship Online.